Forman Consulting is a private company dedicated to enhancing the overall mental health of individuals at high schools, colleges and at the workplace by reducing the harm associated with problem gambling and other addictive behaviors.

Research studies have shown that problem gambling or compulsive (pathological) gambling is a serious form of addiction affecting more than 5.5% of the general population. Forman Consulting has developed a series of presentations on responsible gambling and problem gambling and associated addictive behavior. Geared toward professionals, these presentations help school and workplace administrators identify and manage gambling problems that may arise among students or employees. In addition to incurring significant debt, problem gamblers or compulsive gamblers typically display a lack of interest in school or work, and develop relational, emotional and legal problems.
Therefore, it is essential that problem-gambling prevention be incorporated into school and workplace policy.

Founded in 2003, Forman Consulting utilizes various prevention strategies, including presentations, trainings, consultations, and policy development.

Corporate Training:
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Help for Problem Gambling:
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